We use Rice Lake Weighing Systems' SURVIVOR® truck scales, which are built tough, start to finish. Designed for durable performance, SURVIVOR truck scales provide extreme reliability under the most demanding conditions.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems' SURVIVOR® truck scales are known as the Toughest Scales on Earth®. Designed to provide reliable performance under the most demanding conditions, SURVIVOR truck scales are built with more structural steel, a superior support structure and innovative design features that provide consistent accuracy, less downtime and longer scale life.

The  Rice Lake Weighing Systems' design uses more steel within the infrastructure of the scale than most competitors for a stronger weighbridge. Rice Lake’s patented G-FORCE™ self-checking truck scale mounting system assures accurate weightments without needing bumper bolts or check rods. Many weighbridge truck scales offer Legal for Trade Certification—a necessity if you plan to sell goods using the scale’s weight readout.